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Neita Combinatielagers Profielen 01 1

Combination bearings for U-profiles

Fixed combination bearings

Fixed combined bearings are particularly suitable to be used in forklift masts and in any other moving and handling system, where rolled or extruded profiles are used.

The best combination axial part/radial part allows to get high load capacity with extremely small dimensions of the bearing, in addition to easiness of assembling on any kind of structure.

Size chart: Fixed combination bearings for U-profile

Adjustable combination bearings

Adjustable combined bearings have the same characteristics as fixed combined bearings.
The only difference is the ability to adjust the distance between the bearing and the profile using washers.

Size chart: Adjustable combination bearings for U-profile

Adjustable combination bearings with eccentric pin

Adjustable combined bearings with eccentric pin have the same characteristics as adjustable combined bearings.
In this case, the adjusting of the distance is made through the rotation of the whole axial part (pin and little roll) in the central pivot.

Size chart: Adjustable combination bearing with eccentric pin for U-profile

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