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The Benefits of DH and Tellure Rôta institutional wheels

When it comes to choosing the right equipment wheels for your devices, there are several factors to consider. Choosing the right wheels can improve equipment efficiency and increase the safety of your workers. In this text, we will discuss the benefits of DH and Tellure Rota institutional wheels and why they are the best choice for your devices.

Neita wheels for smooth movement
Furniture swivel castors are one of the most popular types of institutional wheels and are used for a wide range of applications. They offer smooth and maneuverable movement, making your devices easy to maneuver in tight spaces. DH and Tellure Rota wheels are designed with durable materials and are resistant to wear and corrosion, making them ideal for heavy-duty devices.

Rigid castors for stability
If you are looking for wheels that offer stability, rigid castors are the best choice. They have a fixed axle and offer more stability than swivel castors, making them suitable for equipment that is heavier or moves over uneven surfaces. DH and Tellure Rota rigid castors are available in different sizes and materials, so you can always find the right wheel for your application.

Swivel twin castors for easier steering
Swivel twin castors offer the advantages of swivel and fixed-wheel castors in one wheel. They feature two swivel castors on one side and two fixed-wheel castors on the other, making them easier to maneuver than fixed-wheel castors while still providing the stability needed for heavier applications. DH and Tellure Rota swivel twin castors are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet all needs.

Individual wheels for customization
If the application requires unique wheels, DH and Tellure Rota also offer individual wheels that you can combine with various accessories. This allows you to put together your own customized equipment wheel that meet your exact needs. Whether you're looking for wheels for a specific type of equipment or for a specific application, DH and Tellure Rota have the wheels you're looking for.

Whether you need castors/wheels, rigid castors, swivel twin castors or individual wheels, DH and Tellure Rota have the best options for your applications. Their castors/wheels are designed with durable materials and provide the stability and smooth movement needed for a wide range of applications.