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Plastic scaffolding wheels: the best choice for stability and safety at height

When working at height, stability and safety are of great importance. Scaffolding is therefore essential for safely performing work at height. Scaffolding wheels play an important role in this regard. After all, it is important that the scaffold is easy to move, but at the same time stable while working. Plastic scaffolding wheels are a good choice.

Plastic scaffolding wheels: strong, durable and reliable
Plastic scaffolding wheels are strong, durable and reliable. The plastic is resistant to high and low temperatures, ranging between -30°C and +80°C. This makes the wheels suitable for use in various weather conditions and industries.

Single brake or double brake for extra safety
Plastic scaffolding wheels are available with single brake or double brake. The brakes ensure that the scaffold stays in place, even on uneven surfaces. This increases the stability and thus the safety of the scaffolding. Using scaffolding wheels with a double brake provides even more safety and stability.

The advantages of plastic scaffolding wheels
There are many advantages to using plastic scaffolding wheels. For example, they are lightweight, making the scaffolding easy to move. They are also resistant to corrosion and rust, extending the life of the scaffolding wheels. Moreover, plastic scaffolding wheels are low-noise and do not damage the surface.

Scaffolding wheels made of plastic at Neita
At Neita you will find a wide range of plastic scaffolding wheels. We have wheels with a single brake and wheels with a double brake, so you can always make a choice that suits your situation and needs. Our plastic scaffolding wheels are of high quality and meet all safety requirements. Choose safety and stability at height and go for plastic scaffolding wheels from Nieta.