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Furniture wheels

Furniture wheels are very suitable for all kinds of furniture, chairs, displays and other light constructions. They have a load capacity of less than 40 daN and are suitable for temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.

The series 33 wheels are especially suitable for indoor use on hard surfaces. The swivel castors are fitted with a black or gray rubber ball. Because the wheels with the black rubber ball can leave streaks during intensive use, it is better to choose the variant with the gray rubber ball. This series is perfectly suitable for all kinds of furniture and the castors with gray rubber ball are also suitable for light chairs. Both variants of the series 33 are not suitable for use on PVC.

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The series 34 wheels are very suitable for furniture, chairs and other light constructions. Depending on the brand and type of wheel, they are suitable for soft or hard surfaces. The castors are available in variants of transparent white, gray or black polyamide. These castors are also available with and without brakes. The swivel castors are available in versions that meet or do not meet the DIN 68131 standard for office chairs. The wheels that meet the standard are braked depending on the load to prevent the chair from rolling away when unloaded.

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The 39 series castors are particularly suitable for (design) furniture on both soft and hard surfaces. There are three variants of the series 39 castor wheels. The first variant is a swivel castor made of Plexiglas with a transparent, non-marking, polyurethane tread. This variant is mainly used under furniture and chairs that are standing still for a long time. The second variant is a Plexiglas swivel castor with a black rubber tread. This variant is often used for (design) furniture that is occasionally moved. The third variant of this castor wheel differs somewhat from the previous two because this wheel is made of aluminum. Two rings of black rubber are attached around this. This makes this variant of the series 29 also very suitable for (design) furniture.

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