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Neita is the online wheel specialist for companies and individuals

Neita Techniek, founded in 1926, has been specialized in wheels for internal transport for more than 20 years. We work closely with wheel manufacturer Tellure Rôta from Italy, of which we are also the exclusive distributor. Our range of wheels consists of furniture wheels, institutional wheels, industrial wheels, scaffolding wheels, pallet rollers and heat-resistant wheels. With this extensive range, and more than 1300+ different types of wheels in our webshop, we supply all conceivable wheels for internal transport.

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furniture wheels

Our furniture wheels are specially designed and developed for the use of all kinds of light constructions such as chairs, furniture and displays. The vast majority of furniture wheels in our range are swivel castors. Furniture wheels are intended for indoor use, have a maximum load capacity of about 30 kg to 40 kg and are available in different diameters and series.

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Institutional wheels

Our institutional wheels are very suitable for light transport vehicles, transport structures, machines and equipment that are used for light to medium-heavy applications. Device wheels are often used in office environments, warehouses, shops and institutions. We only have 9 different series and 240+ different types of institutional wheels available in our webshop.

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Industrial wheels

We have divided our industrial wheels into three categories: industrial wheels for light applications, industrial wheels for medium applications and industrial wheels for heavy applications. Our range of industrial wheels consists of 15+ different series and 800+ different types. Whether you are looking for industrial wheels for a dry or damp environment, for clean or polluting environments, for chemicals or acids; we always have a suitable industrial wheel available in our range.

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Scaffolding wheels

Our scaffolding wheels are specially designed and developed for use with and moving scaffolding. The scaffolding wheels are made of polyamide 6, have a load capacity of 250kg to 400kg and are available in wheel diameters from 125mm to 200mm. Naturally, all our scaffolding wheels meet the standard requirements according to DIN 4422 and HD 1004.

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Pallet truck rollers

Our pallet truck rollers are specially designed for pallet trucks and pallet trucks. We have an extensive range of pallet rollers available in our range, with a number of types having a load capacity of 1,200 kg. With 6 different series spread over 45+ types of pallet truck rolls, there is always a pallet roll in our range that meets your needs.

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High temperature wheels

Our heat-resistant wheels are suitable for use in environments with high temperatures. The heat-resistant wheels are suitable for light to medium-duty applications. Our series 67 is often used in the food processing and chemical industries such as baking ovens, cooking ovens and smoke boxes. And our range of 72gsm heat resistant wheels are widely used in bake-off ovens, as these wheels can withstand temperatures of 250°C for up to 30 minutes.

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